​Fire & Smoke Damages

It’s only once a fire is out that most of the problems generally begin. Even a small fire can leave a trail of contamination, with smoke, soot adding to the damage caused by burns. In most cases there’s also the problem of damage from water or other elements used to put out the fire. To take a sideways look at an old saying, where there’s fire damage, there’s smoke damage…but at the same time smoke can leave an awful lot of damage even when there’s no actual fire.

Fortunately, A-Z Property Services is fully equipped to handle all elements of fire & smoke damage clean-up, including soot removal, thorough cleaning, decontamination and odor removal with the help of ozone generators. With walls and ceilings, redecoration may be more cost-effective than extensive smoke damage cleaning. We wash down the surfaces and seal them with alkali-resistant primer to seal in stains and smells, and then redecorate.

In addition, we have builders, decorators, electricians and plumbers, and can provide specialist craftspeople – anyone necessary to get your property and belongings back to what they were. Plus we liaise with all concerned parties as necessary, including insurance companies, loss adjusters and so on.

Water & Flood Damages

Whether it is a leak, flood, storm, or pipe bust - water & flood damages is not something to take lightly and we know that.

Fire & Smoke Damages

Fire damage can be devastating event. it can be caused by a myriad of factors including curling irons, cigarettes, and most are completely acciendtial.

Mold Remediation

We eliminate molds and mold spores in your home or commerical offices - mold remediation containment of moisture or other problems that can occur.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services including corporate business offices, industrial locations, medical offices and post-construction sites.

Sewage Backup Cleanup

Sewage spills around the home are caused by clogged pipes that could be blocked by things like tree roots growing through the pipes.

Odor Abatement

We eliminate smoke, rotten food, pet waste, mold, mildew & bacteria order. Odor elimination using ozone generators is the most effective wat to treat odor abatement.