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Independent Southern California Family Based Company.

About us

Specializing In Serving The Property Management industry!

What to Look for in a Restoration Company

Our company strives to provide property managers with the tools and resources needed to serve their tenants.

Restoration Services - Why Choose Us?

Whether you are in need of mold cleanup after water damage or fire & smoke damage, we can help. We offer a variety of services and provide an onsite estimate so that you know the cost before getting started on these projects.

The right experience – and equipment

A-Z Property Services is second to no-one in their knowledge of and experience in the business, and has dealt with floods and fires of all types and sizes, from minor domestic emergencies through to major commercial incidents involving whole streets or major warehouses.

Caring for your property from A-Z

  • Site Inspection
  • Water Removal
  • Drying Process
  • Monitor Site
  • Removal of all damaged cells
  • Floor covering removal
  • Structural Evaluations
  • Treat wall framing with odor counteractants
  • Restore or remove the HVAC
  • Killing Mold with Biocides
  • Removing the Mold
  • Cleaning the Location
  • Spraying Sealer to prevent mold from returning
  • Office building maintenance
  • Janitorial services
  • Floor cleaning and waxing
  • Window cleaning
  • Sewage cleaning
  • Sanitation
  • Sewage treatment
  • Sewage Containment
  • Cleanup
  • Remove organic odors from smoke, rotten foods, mildew, etc.
  • Eliminate odors
  • Destroy airborne mold spores

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We offer a complete service to fix any water problems and, where possible, to restore the building, furnishings, fixtures and fittings back to what they were.

Proudly Servicing Residential and Commercial Properties Throughout

Orange County And
Surrounding Areas

Clarksville-Nashville And
Surrounding Areas

Hands down my go to for quality work. These guys know what they are doing. From odds and ends to large scale repairs A-Z can do most everything in your home.

Heather Johnson Google

I highly recommend A-Z Property Services to get the job done right. I had mold in my bathroom and they quote me at very competitive rate! They came, they saw the issue and conquer the mold.. Now I can breathe and live healthy. Don't judge me! I'm clean person I just rent !!! But some times you have to get the job done right! Call them, I guarantee you will not be disappointed !!

Antonio Avila Google

If you are looking for a company that you can trust with any project, then this is the company for you. This is a value-driven company where honesty, integrity, and hard-work drive every project. They did an excellent job and I highly recommend their services!

Brent T. Yelp

All around rockstars in my book! This company is so unbelievably quick to respond. The owner and staff are the most amazing and polite people. All my clients love them and compliment the great work they do on a regular basis! Their prices are more than fair and it has been nothing short of a pleasure to work with them! Thank you team A-Z for all that you do!

Brittany K. Yelp